16 Gross Things All Women Do But Will Never Admit Them! Number 16 Is Gross

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  1. Sabrina D. Gardner says:

    Thinking that several of these actions are “gross” would mean a person must be what my mom would call a “nice-nasty sissy” who’s a bit ignorant, afraid of being their true selves and being comfortable in their own skin. I mean, come on, dancing in front of a mirror for practice, how is that “gross”? Most people are smart for doing such a thing. Sleeping with a night light on, again, “gross”? It’s like they don’t know enough of the English language to use right word to describe alot of these things or are just ignorantly choosing the wrong word. Whoever actually thinks and/or believes alot of this stuff must have always lived in a very rigid, tiny, highly controlled, isolated world or is the the most stuck up snob with their nose in the clouds who actually thinks they must be perfect themselves and have all the money and resources in the world at their disposal to be the most frivolous with anything they come in contact with. A sad, small, person. Pitiable.

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